Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Louis CK in Milwaukee - 4/18/09

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to see Louis CK perform at The Pabst. I was beyond excited. Like, probably annoying to those who cared less excited. Plus he was filming a special so I was especially gay. He had an 8:00 show and a 10:30 show, and when we arrived around 10:15, he was still on stage from the first show. Damn! But I could hear the crowd laughing from outside and I was all "He's in there! They're recording it right now!" and Monica was like "Yeah...we know. That's why we're here." So we grabbed a drink and waited about an hour for the first show to end and the crowd to clear out. When we got inside there were at least 5 massive cameras set up...including one on a huge crane that swooped around our heads. It was neat. The opener was good, but kept it short, probably due to the fact that it was past 11:00.

Then I got a little nervous for Louis (like I was nervous for Conan last night). What if he fucks up? What if some dipshit from my city yells some dumb shit out? And then, or course, he absolutely killed. There are many, many reasons why I love Louis CK's comedy, but the biggest reason is that even when he's talking about blowjobs or punching children, he always seems to be speaking from his very kind heart. I mean fuck…he takes pictures of his daughters and baby ducklings and posts them on his website.

His material on Saturday was no different...it basically focused on his divorce/kids/body and peoples' stupidity. My face hurt afterward. So good. I don’t even want to ruin it with my half assed explanations. If you're a fan, his new material is better than Chewed Up but not quite as good as Shameless, but that's probably because I've watched Shameless so many damn times. I sent him a thank you email a few days later. How gay.

I'm really glad he's getting more exposure due to his awesome spot on Conan (which he extended and dirtied up for the show). Check out a little piece about it here:


In other comedy news, “Bob and David and friends” are coming to the Just For Laughs festival in Chicago in a few weeks. It’s sold out and my heart is breaking. I read about a possible additional show, but no news yet. If all else fails I can get tickets to Bob and Best of Sketchfest, or catch Louis CK again while he’s there. So yeah, it’s worth checking out…


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