Friday, September 21, 2007

That thing is goooood.

Well, since this has been the least productive workday in the history of life, I might as well continute it and write a little! I was lucky enough to see Rush, Katatonia, and Aesop Rock within a week or so of each other, and if that happened regularly, I would be the gayest person alive. Rush was great of course, but it was definitely the "Snakes and Arrows" tour. It's hard when a band has 30+ years of material and you want to hear everything. But they played "Circumstances" and "Between the Wheels" back to back (WHOA), so that made up for the abundance of new stuff. I was a little aprehensive about seeing Katatonia last weekend. They're a really special band to me, and when I saw them at Metalfest in 2000, they suuuucked. Bad. On their website Jonas lists that show as his "worst Katatonia moment", and it's justified. But thankfully they sounded great in Chicago and I wanted them to play forever! We were a little surprised at Jonas's liberal use of the words "wonderful", "fantastic", and "amazing", which were decidedly un-bleak, but their new stuff is a lot more rocking, so maybe he's doing less moping these days. The show reminded me how much I love them, and I've been jamming the hell out of their whole catalogue lately. And it was wonderful to share it with someone who was just as into it as I was.

I'm trying not to get too excited about this, but I already am!

I can't believe this show wins Emmys, or even gets watched at all...except for Barbara's awesome mention of "internets" and "sperms".

Here's a goldmine of ridiculous Tyra-isms to keep you entertained. I missed the ANTM premier, but I heard there's a model named Spontaniouse, so it must have been great.


It really, really needs to be the weekend. Hope you guys have an awesome one. :)