Monday, June 29, 2009

The weekend was nice...after walking through 50+ houses, we found an awesome one and have an accepted offer on it. If the inspection is ok, we'll close at the end of August. Yeeeee.

One thing I learned while looking at other peoples' houses...they love pictures of themselves. Especially newlyweds. More than one couple had entire walls of photos dedicated to their wedding. Like 15 framed photos on one wall. I understand celebrating your love, but jeez...put that crap in an album and take it out when you want to look at it...don't subject every guest to a huge tribute to yourselves. Weirdos!

Also, sit the fuck down Jamie Foxx. Not only is your general attempt at music embarassing, so is your attempt to pay "tribute" to Michael Jackson by dancing horribly and promoting yourself...ugh.

Milwaukeeans, check out this excellent series of FREE movies on the lakefront this summer. Brats...Lake...Night of the Living Dead...ahhhhh...

And JUDAS PRIEST at Summerfest on Thursday!!

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