Thursday, June 04, 2009

More Mr. Show

My prayers have been answered. Thanks to a kind soul over at, I got a call yesterday afternoon from the Lakeshore Theater informing me that they were adding a June 19th Bob & David show, and I could buy two tickets before they went on sale. THANK YOU. I got off the phone and literally yelped in my house. Tickets are still available – buy them up if you’re within a million miles of Chicago:

Also, I had a conversation with Maynard James Keenan last night. Ok, maybe it wasn’t really a conversation, but an exchange. He has a vineyard now and was doing a wine signing, so Monica and I got off work early, drank a bit, waited in line with some very nice people, bought a couple bottles and here it went:

Me: Thanks for being here, I’ve been a fan for 15 years (true, Opiate was my jam in 7th grade)

Maynard: 50?! You don’t look 50.

Me: No! 15…since I was like 12.

Him: Well thank you, enjoy the wine.

Me: Thanks, we’ll be having some tonight. (gay smile)

I was going to tell him I liked his work on Mr. Show (heh), but I was all nervous because some doucher in line told me that his “friend” who works at Whole Foods said that the staff wasn’t allowed to make eye contact with him. Come on. He was very cordial, and his co-wine guy was nice, too, although I felt a little bad for him since everyone was clearly there because of Tool. The main thing I noticed is that Maynard is surprisingly handsome once you get the tits and everything off him. Very nice.

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