Friday, August 29, 2008

End of Summer

I love the beginning of school year buzz…buying supplies, teachers coming back, work getting crazy, etc. And I’m very much looking forward to classes starting again for me next week. But with summer ending, I’ve been trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather as much as possible. A few weekends ago we went up to Fremont with Russ’s sister, her boyfriend, and some of her friends, and it was just beautiful. Not much is better than sitting around a campfire at night and waking up in your tent with a view of the lake. Saturday morning we woke up and were told everyone was going out on the boat, so we packed up coolers and sunscreen and headed out. We parked at a sandbar with a bunch of other boats and hung out and drank all day. It was Wisconsin boating for sure! Besides the sunburn and a sore ass from tubing, it was a great time. On the way home on Sunday, Russ and I decided to take a detour and try to find summer camp I went every summer for most of my childhood. I hadn’t been there in ten years, but with the help of a gas station dude in Waupaca, we found our way. I was a little worried about just walking around the campground, but this was a Christian camp, so what were they going to do, kick us out?! But the grounds were quiet so we explored, found the cabin I used to stay in, and sat with our feet in the amazingly clear lake. It was so overwhelming to go back to a place I had such strong memories of…I could remember exactly when and where things happened as we walked around. When we got home I called my mom and thanked her for sending me there for a couple weeks a year.

Last weekend was interesting…we threw a bachelorette party for Calfa, one of our first friends to get married, and it was out of hand. Lots of drinks, a man dancer, and a stretch Escalade filled with 15 girls and ODB (via CD). The next morning I went to Russ’s sister’s wedding shower which was considerably more laid back, but a lot of fun. That night my brother called and said he passed his black belt test in Jujutsu that day (so awesome), so we met him at a festival across the street from him. We grabbed drinks from the house and a cover band was playing Rush and Yes medleys (and well!), so it ended up being a surprise party night...I think I was the only one who made it to work on time the next morning.Also saw some shows...Melvins/Big Business and Testament were particularly good.

I’m off at 11:30 today and then we’re heading back up north with Monica and Franjo for one last camping/Dells excursion before school begins. I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!!