Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Mini Movie Reviews

Whiteboys - Scarily accurate, funny, and more thoughtful than I thought it would be. 7/10

We Don't Live Here Anymore - I always watch these "relationship dramas" and it just ends up being a bunch of entitled, annoying people arguing with each other. Almost worth it to watch Mark Ruffalo bone Naomi Watts. 4/10

Julie and Julia - Mom date...surprisingly enjoyable. Meryl Streep is insane. 6.5/10 (Theater ratios - 85% ladies over 60, 14% ladies under 60, 1% dude with wife)

District 9 - Absolutely loved it. I was suprised at how sad it was at moments (the lab scenes broke my heart). I kind of wish it was focused less on action and more on story at times (especially at the end), but it worked. The human reactions were completely feesable (shit, most of this has happened), which was scary considering the themes. For 99% of the movie I completely forgot things were CG. 9/10

Funny People - The first hour and a half was good. Lots of funny moments and the dramatic scenes were well done. The characters were semi-unlikable Hollywood types but I liked the whole "innerworkings of comedy" aspect. Good ball jokes. But the last hour could have been cut in half eaaaaasily. Good lord Judd Apaptow needs to edit himself more. It wasn't bad, but man, I can't believe they spent an entire hour at Leslie Mann's house fucking around. 6/10