Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ok, couple things. The weekend was fun. Saturday we went to the annual Croatian hunter's dinner with Monica, Franjo, and Jenny, which is always an experience. Tons of various venison dishes, some rabbit, salad, noodles, rice, polenta, cornbread, slivovitz, and plenty of drunk oldies. The food was great...I mostly ate venison tenderloin cooked in wine sauce over noodles. God. I think I could eat various European meat/noodle combinations for the rest of my life. Being a smaller ethnic group in Milwaukee, they are so much more tight knit. They have events all year long. Being a mutt, and especially of Polish/German (and Czech and Irish) hertitage, which is like 80% of Milwaukee, it's not so much a part of my life. I envy their community, but they're so welcoming, so at least I get to experience it. Afterward we went to Liquor Sweets to see Foetopsy/Dyscrasia/Dead For Days. Dyscrasia hadn't played for years and did not disappoint...I'm usually not the biggest fan of slammy death metal, but they do it so well, and Neil's vocals are ridiculous enough to carry it. A video here.

Secondly, I succeeded in crotcheting a piece of....something. It's just a swatch, but it's a start. I can see this becoming very, very addictive. Blankets and potholders for everyone.

Thirdly, what the fuck is this?! I came across it a while back and was...mezmerized...but I just got an inviitation to Chris Cornell's show at The Riverside and I guess he's performing these songs? Will he dance? I actually like some of Timbaland's production, but this seems like leftovers of his other projects and just sounds bizarre with the vocals. I'll be interested to see how is received. shneep.

I absolutely love these...I would seriously save up and pay hundreds for one of these prints.

This is really cool.

And today in "no shit" studies....

Finally, I've been semi-following American Idol this year due to a Milwaukee contestant. One night Russ and I were watching one of the horrible audition episodes and I recognized a kid I grew up with - Danny Gokey. Within minutes my mom and brother had both called me freaking out. Our families went to church together until I was about 16, when I pretty much stopped going, but he's still very involved in a church on Howell Ave., which is cool. I hope he does well - his voice is truly awesome. Here's him doing a great version of "Kiss from a Rose"...great song...

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