Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 Randoms - from Facebook

1. When I was a baby, I pulled the cord of an electric can opener, and it fell on my face, need stitches and giving me a pretty good scar. It's still there, but I go months and months without even thinking about it.

2. I pretty much worship everything Rush and Katatonia have put out, even the questionable stuff.

3. I get super annoyed when people talk loudly on their cell phones, or talk loudly in public in general.

4. I've seen Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Big Lebowski, and Wayne's World more than any another movies. They're my defaults.

5. Peninsula State Park is one of my favorite places in Wisconsin. So beautiful.

6. I think people should be required to pass a battery of tests before being allowed to have children.

7. I vividly remember crying when Fievel sang "Somwhere Out There" in An American Tail.

8. I'm always planning dream trips...Peru, Laos, Norway...even if they won't happen for a long, long time.

9. When I was little, I used to spend a lot of time at the playground/fieldhouse that was right across the stret from our house. One day, they had a "pajama pancake breakfast" so I put on my nightgown and marched right over there. It was the wrong day. I came home crying. My brother still rips on me about it. :)

10. I used to stay up late watching 90's SNL episodes with my dad. He still does a pretty good Dieter.

11. My mom went into labor with me while watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

12. I have never been in a fight.

13. When I was 16, Anthrax invited me on their tour bus, fed me Taco Bell, a gave me a ride home from the show. They were very sweet.

14. I like getting new stuff, but I really hate shopping for it.

15. Growing up, Ramona Quimby was my hero.

16. I'm taking a crochet class in a few weeks.

17. I eat oatmeal or granola just about every morning.

18. I really love dogs. So much. Cats, not so much.

19. I went to a Christian Camp for a week each summer for most of my childhood. I loved it. I had my first kiss there.

20. Every year in our elementary school talent show, a group of friends and I performed meticulously choreographed dances to various Janet Jackson songs (Rhythm Nation, Black Cat, etc.). We had dry ice and glued some Christmas garland on our shirts. I still work out to Janet Jackson.

21. I love playing basketball. I was obsessed with the Suns/Bulls series in 1993.

22. I listen to a lot of metal, prog, melodic alternative stuff and rap, but I wish I had more dance, funk, and soul music.

23. My brother took me to shows all through my teenage years, which was awesome, especially since he's 6 years older than me. Also, he had Jason Newsted hair.

24. I love office supplies. Putting pen to paper feels great.

25. Russ and I leave for the Riviera Maya in 12 days!

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