Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My conversation at the BP on Locust and Martin Luther King Drive, 8:00pm last night:

(I walk up to counter next to three jovial young black men)
Them: Oh shiiit girl! You fine.
Me: Thanks.
Them: Shit.
Me: I'm just getting this Crunk drink. (which I was - I very much enjoy this drink)
Them: (in Lil Jon voice) YEEAAAAH!
Me: (laughter) (seriously this was the greatest thing ever)
One of Them: So can I get your number or what?
Me: Well...I have a man. I don't think he'd appreciate it.
One of The: Your man answer your phone?
Me: No...but still.
Them: Girl, you got any black in you? (my skin is clearly the color of light reflecting on copy paper)
Me: (on the way out) Only in the booty.
Them: Ohhhhhh!!!!

It made my night.

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