Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The building I work in is also a polling place, so it’s been a lively day. Tons of people have been filing through and I got a little emotional this morning just seeing how many people had come out. Still, something seems off, and for me I think it has to do with the expectations people have for an Obama presidency. I stopped at Walgreens on my lunch hour and two older ladies at the makeup counter were talking. One mentioned that her prescription for Lipitor was unaffordable this month, and the other mentioned that it could change soon. She said, "well that’s what I’m hoping for with Obama…" and it was one of the most earnest things I’ve heard. I just don’t want her to be let down. Obama has his corporate interests, too, and even if he was perfect, one man can only do so much in a government like ours. Some perspective.

Sure, I'm as touched by these election stories as anyone else...I’m more excited about the social change in our country that is represented in possibly electing a black man than I am the change that might come from him. But I’m still hoping, because what else can you do...

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