Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Calfa got married over the weekend, and it was a great reason for all of us to basically go on vacation together before summer ends. The resort was absolutely beautiful – right on North Bay and Lake Michican. We drove up on Friday night and spent the night drinking and talking around the fire, woke up, ate breakfast, and discovered some ridiculous bike trails belonging to the resort. It was perfect outside – slightly overcast and misty. All the life that had sprouted over the summer was stunning. We came back and got ready for the wedding – thankfully the rain let up and they got married right on the shore. It was a late afternoon ceremony so we headed to the lodge for cocktails, dinner, and the most dancing I’ve done in a long time. Everyone was pretty drunk, so I wasn’t too surprised to come back to our room to hear a couple of our friends loudly boning, but thankfully I passed out shortly thereafter. Sunday Russ and I went to Peninsula State Park and hiked around. Afterwards we went to a bar/grill in Fish Creek for some food and the newly married couple and other friends were there, so we watch the Packers beat the hell out of Detroit. It was the perfect way to end summer and spend a romantic weekend away. I love Milwaukee, but it’s awesome to find new places in your own state that rival the beauty of anything you’ve seen (and listen to a shitload of Swedish metal while doing it). I recently got a new camera so I went a little crazy with the photos, but everything was so overwhelming and I just wanted to document it all. A few photos...


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